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3GPP Glossaries

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Interfaces / Reference Points





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between  HLR  and  MSC

specified from  GSM Rel-96
Source:   TS 23.002, clause 

The Gateway MSC server must interrogate the HLR of the required subscriber to obtain routing information for a call or a short message directed to that subscriber.

Signalling on this interface uses MAP (TS 29.002). For CAMEL purposes, this interface is used as described in TS 23.078. It is used e.g. at terminating calls to exchange routeing information, subscriber status, location information, subscription information, etc.

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between  CTF  and  OCF

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between  AS  and  MRFC

specified from  Rel-8
in TS 23.218, clauses 8.2 and 9.2 

This reference point enables the MRFC to fetch and cache documents and resources from an Application Server and to return data to an Application Server. It enables media control protocol requests, responses and notifications to be sent between the MRFC and an Application Server.

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between  HSS  and  S-CSCF / I-CSCF

specified from  Rel-5
in  TS 23.228  and  TS 29.229 

Main procedures:
  • Serving CSCF assignment
  • Routing information retrieval from HSS to CSCF
  • Authorisation (e.g., checking of roaming agreement)
  • Authentication: transfer of security parameters of the subscriber between HSS and CSCF
  • Filter control: transfer of filter parameters of the subscriber from HSS to CSCF.
  • UAR/UAA:  User-Authorization-Request/Answer
  • SAR/SAA:  Server-Assignment-Request/Answer
  • LIR/LIA:  Location-Info-Request/Answer
  • MAR/MAA:  Multimedia-Auth-Request/Answer
  • RTR/RTA:  Registration-Termination-Request/Answer
  • PPR/PPA:  Push-Profile-Request/Answer
See also  RFC 6733  for Diameter Base Protocol, and  TS 29.230  for 3GPP-specific Diameter codes and identifiers.

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