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3GPP Glossaries:  Interfaces / Reference Points

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between  MSC
and  VLR

specified from  GSM Rel-96
Source:   TS 23.002, clause 

The VLR is the location and management data base for the mobile subscribers roaming in the area controlled by the associated MSC(s). Whenever the MSC needs data related to a given mobile station currently located in its area, it interrogates the VLR.

When a mobile station initiates a location updating procedure with an MSC, the MSC informs its VLR which stores the relevant information. This procedure occurs whenever an MS roams to another location area.

Also, when a subscriber activates a specific supplementary service or modifies some data attached to a service, the MSC informs (via the VLR) the HLR which stores these modifications and updates the VLR if required.

This interface is internal to the MSC server /VLR; signalling on it is not standardised.

Bx   (file transfer)

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between  CGF
and  BD

specified from  Rel-6
in  TS 32.297, clause 4 

"Bx" is a common designator for the reference points from the network to the Billing Domain (BD) that are intended for the transport of CDR files.

Offline Charging System

The letter "x" indicates the different 3GPP network domain, subsystem or service, thus:
Bc  represents Circuit Switched (CS) in TS 32.250, clause 6.1.3
Bcp  represents Control Plane data transfer in TS 32.253, clause 6.1.3
Bi  represents IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) in TS 32.260, clause 6.1.3
Bl  represents Location Service (LCS) in TS 32.271, clause 6.1.3
Bm  represents Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) in TS 32.270, clause 6.1
Bmb  represents Multimedia Broadcast/Multicast Service (MBMS) in TS 32.273, clause 6.1.3
Bmn  represents Monitoring Event in TS 32.278, clause 6.1.3
Bo  represents Online Charging System (OCS) in TS 32.296, clause 7.2
Bp  represents Packet Switched (PS) in TS 32.251, clause 6.1B
Bpr  represents Proximity-based Services (ProSe) in TS 32.277, clause 6.1.3
Bs  represents CAMEL SCF in TS 23.078
Bsm  represents Short Message Service (SMS) in TS 32.274, clause 6.1.3
Bt  represents Push-to-talk over Cellular service (PoC) in TS 32.272, clause 6.1.3
Bw  represents Wireless LAN (WLAN) in TS 32.252, clause 6.1.3

By definition, dealing with CDR files only implies that Bx is solely related to offline charging. The CGF in each network domain, service or subsystem is relevant for the network side of the Bx reference point and is connected with the Billing Domain that forms the receiving end of the Bx reference point. Further details of the Billing Domain, i.e. beyond terminating Bx, are outside the scope of 3GPP standardization.

Note that the OCS can also generate CDRs and transfer them to the BD across the Bo reference point. Furthermore the GSM SCF, defined in CAMEL, can also generate CDRs and transfer them to the BD across the Bs reference point

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