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3GPP Glossaries



Interfaces / Reference Points





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between  BSC  and  MSC


This interface is specified in the 48.00x-series of Technical Specifications. It is used to carry information concerning:
  • BSS management
  • Call handling
  • Mobility management.

Source:   TS 23.002, clause

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between  BTS  and  BSC


This interface is used to support the services offered to the GSM users and subscribers. It also allows control of the radio equipment and radio frequency allocation in the BTS. It is specified in the 48.05x-series of Technical Specifications.

Source:   TS 23.002, clause 6.3.1

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between  BSC  and  MSC / SGSN


This is used for representing the interface of a BSC to both the CS (A) and PS (Gb) domains.

Source:   TS 23.002

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