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3GPP Glossaries:  Network entities

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defined from  GSM Rel-96
Source:   clause 

A mobile station roaming in an MSC area or within a GERAN/UTRAN pool-area is controlled by a Visitor Location Register. When a Mobile Station (MS) enters a new location area it starts a registration procedure. An MSC in charge of that area notices this registration and transfers to a Visitor Location Register the identity of the location area where the MS is situated. If this MS is not yet registered in the VLR, the VLR and the HLR exchange information to allow the proper handling of CS calls involving the MS.

A VLR may be in charge of one or several MSC areas.

The VLR contains also the information needed to handle the calls set-up or received by the MSs registered in its data base (for some supplementary services the VLR may have to obtain additional information from the HLR). The following elements are included:
  • IMSI
  • MSRN
  • TMSI, if applicable
  • LMSI, if used
  • the location area where the mobile station has been registered
  • the identity of the SGSN where the MS has been registered. Only applicable to PLMNs supporting GPRS and which have a Gs interface between MSC/VLR and SGSN
  • the last known location and the initial location of the MS
  • the identity of the MME where the MS has been registered. Only applicable to PLMNs supporting EPC and CS Fallback and which have a SGs interface between MSC/VLR and MME.
The VLR also contains supplementary service parameters attached to the mobile subscriber and received from the HLR.

The organisation of the subscriber data is outlined in TS 23.008.

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defined from  Rel-8
Source:   TS 23.203, clause 

The V-PCRF (Visited-Policy and Charging Rules Function) is a functional element that encompasses policy and charging control decision functionalities in the V-PLMN. The V-PCRF includes functionality for both home routed access and visited access (local breakout).

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