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defined from  Rel-13
Source:   TS 23.002, clause 4a.33 

An RCAF is a functional entity which reports RAN User Plane Congestion Information to the PCRF to enable the PCRF to take the RAN user plane congestion status into account for policy decisions.

The functional description of the RCAF can be found in   TS 23.203 – Clause 6.2.10,   TS 23.401 – Clause 4.4.12 and   TS 23.060 – Clause 5.4.11.

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defined from  Rel-6
Source:   TS 32.240, clause 

The RF determines the value of the network resource usage (described in the charging event received by the OCF from the network) on behalf of the OCF. To this end, the OCF furnishes the necessary information, obtained from the charging event, to the RF and receives in return the rating output (monetary or non-monetary units), via the Re reference point.

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defined from  Rel-3
Source:   TS 23.002, clause 

A Radio Network Controller (RNC) is a network component in the PLMN with the functions for control of one or more Node B.

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defined from  Rel-3
Source:   TS 23.002, clause 4.2.2 

The Radio Network System (RNS) is the system of base station equipments (transceivers, controllers, etc.) which is viewed by the MSC through a single Iu-interface as being the entity responsible for communicating with Mobile Stations in a certain area.

Similarly, in PLMNs supporting GPRS, the RNS is viewed by the SGSN through a single Iu-PS interface. When Intra Domain Connection of RAN Nodes to Multiple CN Nodes is applied, an RNS may connect to several MSCs by several Iu-CS interfaces, and an RNS may connect to several SGSNs by several Iu-PS interfaces.

The functionality for the Iu-CS interface is described in TS 25.410 and for the Iu-PS interface in TS 23.060. The radio equipment of a RNS may support one or more cells. A RNS may consist of one or more base stations. The RNS consists of one Radio Network Controller (RNC) and one or more Node B.

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