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OFCS  —  OFfline  Charging  System

[Charging  R8]+

The Offline Charging System (OFCS) is a grouping of charging functions used for Offline Charging. It collects and processes charging events from one or more CTFs, and it generates CDRs for subsequent offline downstream billing processes.

The Offline Charging System is logically specified in TS 32.240.

Source:   TS 23.002, clause 4a.22

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OCF  —  Online  Charging  Function

[Charging  R8]+

The OCF consists of two distinct modules, namely the Session Based Charging Function (SBCF) and the Event Based Charging Function (EBCF).

The Session Based Charging Function is responsible for online charging of network / user sessions, e.g. voice calls, IP CAN bearers, IP CAN session or IMS sessions.

The Event Based Charging Function performs event-based online charging (also referred to as "content charging") in conjunction with any application server or service NE, including SIP application servers.

Source:   TS 32.240, clause

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OCS  —  Online  Charging  System

[Charging  R8]+

Online charging is a mechanism where charging information can affect, in real-time, the service rendered and therefore a direct interaction of the charging mechanism with session/service control is required.

The Online Charging System is specified in TS 32.296.

Source:   TS 23.002, clause 4a.23

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