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LMU     # LRF    


LMU  —  Location  Measurement  Unit

[LCS  R98]+

An LMU makes radio measurements to support one or more positioning methods.

Two types of LMU are defined:
  • Type A LMU: accessed over the normal GSM air interface;
  • Type B LMU: accessed over the base station to controller interface (Abis in GSM and Iub in UMTS).

Source:   TS 23.002, clause 4a.3.3

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LRF  —  Location  Retrieval  Function

[LCS  R7]+

The LRF retrieves location information for the UE including, where required, interim location information, initial location and updated location information. The LRF may interact with a Routing Determination Function (RDF) in order to obtain routing information. The LRF may interact with a GMLC or other types of location server functions in order to obtain location information. Further definitions of the LRF is provided in TS 23.167.

Source:   TS 23.002, clause 4a.7.10

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