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3GPP Glossaries:  Identifiers

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Source:   TS 23.003, clause 4.2

The last component of the RAI.

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Source:   TS 23.003, clause 4.2

The RAI is composed of the following elements:
  • A valid Location Area Identity (LAI). Invalid LAI values are used in some special cases when no valid RAI exists in the mobile station (see TS 24.008, TS 31.102 and TS 51.011).
  • Routeing Area Code (RAC) which is a fixed length code (of 1 octet) identifying a routeing area within a location area.
3GPP RAI Structure


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Source:   ETSI (SCP) TS 101 220 – Clause 4.1

5-byte field in the AID.

The RIDs of interest here, as registered by ISO/IEC according to ISO/IEC 7816-4, are:
  • 'A000000009' for ETSI;
  • 'A000000087' for the 3GPP;
  • 'A000000343' for the 3GPP2.

The following RIDs are for informational purposes only. These RIDs and associated PIXs are maintained by the respective bodies:
  • 'A000000412' for the OMA;
  • 'A000000424' for the WiMAX Forum.

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Source:   TS 23.003, clause 12.4

An RNC node is uniquely identified by its RNC Identifier (RNC-Id). The RNC-Id of an RNC is used in the UTRAN, in a GERAN which is operating in GERAN Iu mode and between them. A BSC which is part of a GERAN operating in Iu mode is uniquely identified by its RNC Identifier (RNC-Id). The RNC‑Id of a BSC is used in a GERAN which is operating in GERAN Iu mode, in the UTRAN and between them. RNC-Id together with the PLMN identifier globally identifies the RNC.

The RNC‑Id on its own or the RNC‑Id together with the PLMN‑Id is used as the RNC identifier in the UTRAN Iub, Iur and Iu interfaces. The SRNC‑Id is the RNC‑Id of the SRNC. The C‑RNC‑Id is the RNC‑Id of the controlling RNC. The D‑RNC‑Id is the RNC‑Id of the drift RNC.

The RNC-Id is defined by the operator, and set in the RNC via OAM.

For the syntax description and the use of this identifier in RANAP signalling, see TS 25.413.

For the usage of this identifier on Iur‑g, see TS 43.130.

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Source:   TS 23.003, clause 4.4

A PLMN-specific regional subscription defines unambiguously for the entire PLMN the regions in which roaming is allowed. It consists of one or more regional subscription zones. The regional subscription zone is identified by a RSZI. The elements of the RSZI are:
  1. the Country Code (CC) which identifies the country in which the PLMN is located;
  2. the National Destination Code (NDC) which identifies the PLMN in that country;
  3. the Zone Code (ZC) which identifies a regional subscription zone as a pattern of allowed and not allowed location areas uniquely within that PLMN.
CC and NDC are those of an ITU-T E.164 VLR or SGSN number of the PLMN.
3GPP RSZI Structure


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