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3GPP Glossaries:  Identifiers

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Source:   TS 23.003, clause 13.5A

The NAI is defined in RFC 7542.

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Source:   TS 23.003, clause 4.3.2

The NCC is part of the BSIC.

Colour Codes are explained in TS 23.003, Annex A.

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Source:   TS 23.003, clause 2.2

The NMSI is part of the IMSI.

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specified from  Rel-15  in
TS 23.501, clause 5.15.2 

The NSSAI is a collection of S-NSSAIs. An NSSAI may be a Configured NSSAI, a Requested NSSAI or an Allowed NSSAI. There can be at most eight S-NSSAIs in Allowed and Requested NSSAIs sent in signalling messages between the UE and the Network. The Requested NSSAI signalled by the UE to the network allows the network to select the Serving AMF, Network Slice(s) and Network Slice instance(s) for this UE.

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