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 CC     #  CGI     #  CI     #  C-MSISDN     #  CN-Id     #  CSG-ID     #  CSRN    


CC  —  Country  Code

1 to 3 digits according to ITU-T Recommendation E.164. Here are some examples:

1 (North-America)

33 (France)

353 (Ireland)

Source:   TS 23.003, clause 3.3

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CGI  —  Cell  Global  Identification

The Cell Global Identification is the concatenation of the Location Area Identification and the Cell Identity.

Source:   TS 23.003, clause 4.3.1

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CI  —  Cell  Identity

The BSS and cell within the BSS are identified within a location area or routeing area by adding a Cell Identity (CI) to the location area or routeing area identification. The CI is of fixed length with 2 octets and it can be coded using a full hexadecimal representation.

Source:   TS 23.003, clause 4.3.1

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C-MSISDN  —  Correlation    MSISDN

A Correlation MSISDN is an MSISDN that is used for correlation of sessions at access transfer and to route a call from the IM CN subsystem to the same user in the CS domain.

The C-MSISDN is equal to the MSISDN or the basic MSISDN if multinumbering option is used (see 23.008, section 2.1.3) of the CS access. Any MSISDN of a user that can be used for TS11 (telephony) in the CS domain which is not shared by more than one IMS Private Identity in an IMS CN subsystem, can serve as the user's C-MSISDN.

The C-MSISDN is bound to the IMS Private User Identity and is uniquely assigned per IMSI and IMS Private User Identity.

If A-MSISDN is available it shall be used as the C-MSISDN.

Source:   TS 23.003, clause 18.7

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CN-Id  —  Core  Network node    Id

A CN node is uniquely identified within a PLMN by its CN Identifier (CN-Id). The CN-Id together with the PLMN identifier globally identifies the CN node. The CN-Id together with the PLMN-Id is used as the CN node identifier in RANAP signalling over the Iu interface.

Global CN-Id = PLMN-Id || CN-Id

The CN-Id is defined by the operator, and set in the nodes via OAM.

For the syntax description (clause and the use of this identifier in RANAP signalling, see TS 25.413.

Source:   TS 23.003, clause 12.3

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CSG-ID  —  Closed  Subscriber  Group    IDentity

A Closed Subscriber Group consists of a single cell or a collection of cells within an E-UTRAN and UTRAN that are open to only a certain group of subscribers.

Within a PLMN, a Closed Subscriber Group is identified by a Closed Subscriber Group Identity (CSG-ID). The CSG-ID shall be fix length 27 bit value.

Source:   TS 23.003, clause 4.7

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CSRN  —  CS domain  Routeing  Number

A CS Domain Routeing Number (CSRN) is a number that is used to route a call from the IMS to the user in the CS domain. Its structure is the same as for MSRN.

Source:   TS 23.003, clause 18.2

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