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Universal Integrated Circuit Card (UICC) File Structure

In the following graphical representation: the Master-File-box and each Elementary-File-box gives access to the associated entry in the Glossary of SIM/UICC files; each Dedicated-File-box or Application-Dedicated-File-box gives access to a more detailed structure; M means Mandatory.
















There is a strong relationship between the CT6 3GPP working group and the ETSI SCP Technical Committee. The SIM IC card that originated with GSM has evolved from Rel-3 towards the UICC (Universal Integrated Circuit Card).

While for the SIM, the card platform and the Telecom application were specified in common by the 3GPP CT6, with the UICC the platform and the applications are specified separately. The UICC is the platform defined by the ETSI SCP (Smart Card Platform) and the 3GPP applications (especially the USIM) are specified by the 3GPP CT6.