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Dedicated File for WLAN

In the following graphical representation, the WLAN Dedicated-File-box and each Elementary-File-box gives access to the associated entry in the Glossary of SIM/UICC files.

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DF-WLAN EF-Pseudo: Pseudonym     DF-WLAN EF-UPLMNWLAN: User controlled PLMN selector for I-WLAN Access     DF-WLAN EF-OPLMNWLAN: Operator controlled PLMN selector for I-WLAN Access     DF-WLAN EF-UWSIDL: User controlled WLAN Specific IDentifier List
DF-WLAN EF-OWSIDL: Operator controlled WLAN Specific IDentifier List     DF-WLAN EF-WRI: WLAN Reauthentication Identity     DF-WLAN EF-HWSIDL: Home I-WLAN Specific Identifier List     DF-WLAN EF-WEHPLMNPI: I-WLAN Equivalent HPLMN Presentation Indication
DF-WLAN EF-WHPI: I-WLAN HPLMN Priority Indication     DF-WLAN EF-WLRPLMN: I-WLAN Last Registered PLMN     DF-WLAN EF-HPLMNDAI: HPLMN Direct Access Indicator