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Dedicated File for TELECOM (2 of 4)


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DF-TELECOM EF-LND: Last Number Dialled     DF-TELECOM EF-SMSR: Short Message Status Reports     DF-TELECOM EF-SDN: Service Dialling Numbers     DF-TELECOM EF-EXT1: Extension1: extension data of an ADN/SSC, an MSISDN, or an LND
DF-TELECOM EF-EXT2: Extension2: extension data of an FDN/SSC     DF-TELECOM EF-EXT3: Extension3: extension data of an SDN     DF-TELECOM EF-BDN: Barred Dialling Numbers     DF-TELECOM EF-EXT4: Extension4: extension data of an BDN/SSC