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Dedicated File for TELECOM

In the following graphical representation: the TELECOM Dedicated-File-box and each Elementary-File-box gives access to the associated entry in the Glossary of SIM/UICC files; each Dedicated-File-box under DF-TELECOM gives access to a more detailed structure.

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DF-TELECOM EF-ARR: Access Rule Reference     DF-TELECOM EF-ADN: Abbreviated Dialling Numbers     DF-TELECOM EF-FDN: Fixed Dialling Numbers     DF-TELECOM EF-SMS: Short messages
DF-TELECOM EF-CCP: Capability Configuration Parameters     DF-TELECOM EF-MSISDN: MSISDN     DF-TELECOM EF-SMSP: Short Message Service Parameters     DF-TELECOM EF-SMSS: SMS Status