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USIM (Universal Subscriber Identity Module) in the UICC (10 of 15)


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ADF-USIM EF-VGCSCA: Voice Group Call Service Ciphering Algorithm     ADF-USIM EF-VBSCA: Voice Broadcast Service Ciphering Algorithm     ADF-USIM EF-GBABP: GBA Bootstrapping Parameters     ADF-USIM EF-MSK: MBMS Service Keys List
ADF-USIM EF-MUK: MBMS User Key     ADF-USIM EF-EHPLMN: Equivalent HPLMN     ADF-USIM EF-GBANL: GBA NAF List     ADF-USIM EF-EHPLMNPI: Equivalent HPLMN Presentation Indication