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File Structure (2 of 2) of the ISIM (IMS Services Identity Module) in the UICC


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ADF-ISIM EF-SMSS: SMS Status     ADF-ISIM EF-SMSR: SMS Reports          ADF-ISIM EF-GBABP: GBA Bootstrapping parameters    
ADF-ISIM EF-GBANL: GBA NAF List     ADF-ISIM EF-NAFKCA: NAF Key Centre Address     ADF-ISIM EF-UICCIARI: UICC IMS Application Reference Identifier     ADF-ISIM EF-FromPreferred: From Preferred
ADF-ISIM EF-IMSConfigData: IMS Configuration Data     ADF-ISIM EF-XCAPConfigData: XCAP Configuration Data