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TS 103 383 (ETSI SCP)
Smart Cards –
Embedded UICC – Requirements Specification

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(P) V13.2.0    2016-05    27 p.
(P) V12.8.0    2015-10    29 p.

Work on Machine-to-Machine (M2M) applications has given rise to the possibility of having a UICC that is embedded in a communication device in such a way that the UICC is not easily accessible or replaceable. The ability to change network subscriptions on such devices becomes problematic, thus necessitating new methods for securely and remotely provisioning access credentials on these Embedded UICCs (eUICC) and managing subscription changes from one MNO to another.

In its current state, the present document is to be considered as a "work in progress". It contains a restricted set of requirements related to the provisioning of profiles in an eUICC as well as general requirements on the architecture of the eUICC. As a consequence, some of the elements required to specify a complete technical solution are missing, among which are requirements for:
  • management of profiles;
  • management of credentials;
  • the policy control function;
which will be defined in further versions of the present document.


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1 Scope    2 References    2.1 Normative references    2.2 Informative references    3 Definitions and abbreviations    3.1 Definitions    3.1a Void    3.2 Abbreviations    4 Abstract (informative)    5 Background (informative)    5.1 Overview of the use cases    5.2 Use Case 1 - Provisioning of multiple eUICCs for M2M    5.3 Use case 2 - Provisioning of an eUICC for a first subscription with a new connected device    5.4 Use case 3 - Change of subscription for a device    5.5 Use Case 4 - Change of SM-SR    5.6 Use Case 5 - Terminal state and capabilities reporting    5.7 Use Case 6 - Profile Update    5.8 Use Case 7 - Provisioning of devices with only IP connectivity    5.9 Use Case 8 - Provisioning a device in markets with multiple roots of trust (CAs)    6 Requirements    6.1 General    6.2 Profile, Application and File Structure    6.3 Procedural    6.4 Security    6.5 Profile Interoperability and Interactions    6.6 Void    6.7 Void    6.8 Void    A Void    B States (see also annex D)    B.0 Foreword    B.1 States of eUICC    B.2 States of Profiles    B.3 States of Applications in Profiles    C Logical aspects of eUICC Architecture and associated Security Credentials    D Profiles and NAA (Network Access Application) States    E Profile Aspects    E.0 Foreword    E.1 Profile Content    E.2 Profile Related Principles    F Change history    G Bibliography   


1   Scope   PDF-p. 6
2   References
3   Definitions and abbreviations   PDF-p. 7
4   Abstract (informative)   PDF-p. 9
5   Background (informative)
6   Requirements
A   Void
B   States (see also annex D)   PDF-p. 19
C   Logical aspects of eUICC Architecture and associated Security Credentials   PDF-p. 20
D   Profiles and NAA (Network Access Application) States   PDF-p. 21      Up
E   Profile Aspects   PDF-p. 22
F   Change history   PDF-p. 24
G   Bibliography   PDF-p. 26

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