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TS 103 115 (ETSI SCP)
Smart Cards –
Test specification for UICC Application Programming Interface for Java Card™ for Contactless Applications

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(P) V9.4.0    2015-04    105 p.

The present document covers the minimum characteristics considered necessary in order to provide compliance to TS 102 705.

It specifies conformance test cases for the UICC Application Programming Interface for Java Card™ for contactless Applications.

1   Scope   p. 8
2   References
3   Definitions, symbols and abbreviations
4   Applicability   p. 12
5   Test environment   p. 16
6   Test cases
6.1   Package uicc.hci.framework
6.1.1   Class HCIDevice
6.1.2   Interface HCIService   p. 26
6.1.3   Interface HCIMessage   p. 43
6.1.4   Class HCIException
6.1.5   Interface HCIListener      Up
6.2   Package   p. 53
A  (normative)   Class, methods and tests acronyms   p. 89
B  (normative)   AIDs - to be reserved   p. 92
C  (normative)   Requirements   p. 97
D  (normative)   Test Specification for Java Card™ Platform HCI API for the UICC   p. 99
E  (normative)   Void
F   Void
G   Core specification version information   p. 102
H   Change history   p. 103