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TS 102 922-1 (ETSI SCP)
Smart Cards –
Test specification for the ETSI aspects of the IC USB interface –
Part 1:  Terminal features

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(P) V7.2.0    2011-11    49 p.

The present document defines test cases for the terminal relating to the USB interface, as specified in TS 102 600.

The aim of the present document is to ensure interoperability between the terminal and the UICC independently of the respective manufacturer, card issuer or operator.

The present document covers the minimum characteristics which are considered necessary for the terminal in order to provide compliance to TS 102 600.

The present document specifies the test cases for:
  • the characteristics of the Inter-Chip USB electrical interface between the USB UICC and the USB UICCenabled terminal;
  • the initial communication establishment and the transport protocols;
  • the communication layers between the USB UICC and the USB UICC-enabled terminal.
Test cases for the USB UICC-enabled terminal relating to TS 102 221 interface are out of scope of the present document.

1   Scope   p. 7
2   References
3   Definitions, symbols and abbreviations
4   Test environment
4.1   Table of optional features
4.2   Applicability table   p. 11
4.3   Information provided by the device supplier
4.4   Test Equipment (TE)   p. 12
4.4.1   Measurement/setting uncertainties
4.4.2   Default conditions for DUT operation
4.4.3   Minimum/maximum conditions for DUT operation      Up
4.4.4   Void
4.4.5   ATRs to be used by the UICC simulator
4.4.6   USB Descriptors to be used by the UICC simulator
4.5   Test execution   p. 26      Up
4.6   Pass criterion
5   Conformance Requirements   p. 27
6   Test cases   p. 32
6.1   Void
6.2   Void
6.3   Basic Electrical Tests
6.4   Activation Tests
6.5   Initialization Tests      Up
6.6   Descriptors   p. 39
6.7   Protocol Stack and Higher Level   p. 42
A   List of test cases for each conformance requirement   p. 44
B   Additionnal optional requirements and test cases for Electrical characteristics   p. 46
C   Bibliography   p. 47
D   Change history   p. 48