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TS 102 835 (ETSI SCP)
Smart Cards –
Test Specification for SCWS Application Invocation API for Java Card™

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(P) V8.1.0    2012-03    99 p.
(P) V7.2.0    2011-09    90 p.

The present document covers the minimum characteristics considered necessary in order to provide compliance to TS 102 588.

It describes the technical characteristics and methods for testing the SCWS API for Java Card™ implemented in a UICC platform.

1   Scope   p. 9
2   References
3   Definitions and abbreviations
4   Applicability
5   Test environment   p. 15
6   Test Cases
6.1   class uicc.scws
6.1.1   Class ScwsExtensionRegistry
6.1.2   Interface ScwsExtension   p. 23
6.1.3   Class ScwsExtensionService
6.1.4   Interface HttpRequest      Up
6.1.5   Interface HttpResponse   p. 41   Method appendContent   Method appendHeaderVariable(byte[] data, short offset, short length)   p. 44      Up   Method appendHeaderVariable (byte[] name, short nameOffset, short nameLength, byte[] value, short valueOffset, short valueLength)   p. 48   Method appendHeaderVariable (short headerKeywordNameId, byte[] value, short valueOffset, short valueLength)   p. 53      Up   Method enableChunkMode   p. 54   Method finalizeHeader   p. 57   Method flush   p. 59      Up   Method getRemainingResponseBufferSize   p. 61   Method reset   p. 63      Up   Method sendError   p. 65   Method setContentType   p. 70      Up   Method writeStatusCode   p. 73
6.2   SCWS Runtime Environment   p. 78      Up
6.2.1   Applet state
6.2.2   Response sending      Up
6.2.3   Exception handling   p. 83
6.2.4   Response Header Management   p. 85
6.2.5   Availability of ProactiveHandler / ProactiveResponseHandler   p. 86      Up
A  (normative)   Class, methods and SCWSFramework tests acronyms   p. 91
B  (normative)   Test file description   p. 93
C  (normative)   uicc.scws.test.util package and interfaces   p. 94
D  (normative)   Test Area files   p. 95
E   HTTP-Request and HTTP-Response handling   p. 96
F   Bibliography   p. 97      Up
G   Change history   p. 98