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5.6   Data link layer
5.6.1   Overview
5.6.2   Medium Access Control (MAC) layer
5.6.3   Supported LLC layers
5.6.4   ACT LLC definition   PDF-p. 72
5.7   SHDLC LLC definition
5.7.1   SHDLC overview
5.7.2   Endpoints
5.7.3   SHDLC frames types
5.7.4   Control Field   PDF-p. 77
5.7.5   Changing sliding window size and endpoint capabilities
5.7.6   SHDLC context   PDF-p. 78
5.7.7   SHDLC sequence of frames   Conformance requirements   Nomenclature   PDF-p. 80   Link establishment with default sliding window size   Link establishment with custom sliding window size   PDF-p. 86   Data flow   Reject (go N back)   Last Frame Loss   Receive and not ready   Selective reject   PDF-p. 93
5.7.8   Implementation      Up
5.8   CLT LLC definition
5.9   Timing and performance      Up
A   State diagrams   PDF-p. 103
B   Bibliography   PDF-p. 114
C   Core specification version information   PDF-p. 115
D   Change history   PDF-p. 116

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