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TS 102 671 (ETSI SCP)
Machine to Machine UICC –
Physical and Logical characteristics

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(P) V9.2.0    2015-06    20 p.

The present document details the technical specifications for M2M UICCs. Specifically, the present document specifies:
  • Physical, logical and electrical specifications for additional machine to machine form factors for the M2M UICC.
  • Environmental specifications of the M2M UICC dedicated to M2M applications for all specified UICC form factors.
  • Device pairing mechanisms that allow the M2M UICC to verify the terminal with which it is operating.

1   Scope   p. 6
2   References
3   Definitions and abbreviations
4   Overview   p. 8
5   Definition of Environmental Classes
6   M2M UICC - Physical Characteristics
7   Electrical and Logical specifications of the MFF UICC - Terminal interface
8   Device Pairing Mechanism
A   PCB layout for the MFF   p. 17
B   Change history   p. 19