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TS 102 600 (ETSI SCP)
Smart Cards –
UICC-Terminal interface –
Characteristics of the USB interface

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The present document defines the USB interface between a Terminal and an Integrated Circuit Card (ICC) that may be supported by the UICC and terminal in addition to the interface specified in TS 102 221.

The USB interface may be implemented on UICCs and terminals for applications requiring a high data throughput or other features not supported by the interface defined in TS 102 221.

The present document specifies the Inter-Chip USB interface between the USB UICC and the USB UICC-enabled terminal, subsequently referred to as the IC USB interface. It describes:
  • the characteristics of the Inter-Chip USB electrical interface between the USB UICC and the USB UICC-enabled terminal;
  • the initial communication establishment and the transport protocols;
  • the communication layers between the USB UICC and the USB UICC-enabled terminal.
The physical characteristics (including mechanical aspects) defined in TS 102 221 apply to USB UICCs. The present document comes as an extension of TS 102 221 complementing the electrical characteristics of contacts C1 and C5 and describing the behaviour of contacts C4 and C8 when the USB interface is supported.

The Inter-Chip USB interface provides access to the existing UICC resources such as the file system and security features specified in TS 102 221 and to other resources and functionalities specified in the present document.


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