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TS 102 483 (ETSI SCP)
Smart Cards –
UICC-Terminal interface –
IP Connectivity between UICC and Terminal

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(P) V8.1.0    2009-04    21 p.
(P) V7.3.0    2009-01    21 p.

The present document defines how an Internet Protocol connection may be established between a UICC and a terminal connected through a UICC-Terminal Interface able to carry Internet Protocol packets, and how the UICC resources defined in TS 102 221 may be accessed over this connection.

Most telecommunication infrastructures rely on the Internet Protocol and therefore telecommunication terminals commonly implement the IP layers. Connecting the UICC and the terminal at this level is expected to bring the following advantages:
  • Leverage on existing standardization efforts: Applicative protocols relying on IP, e.g. running over TCP or UDP, have already been standardized for a wide variety of applications and may be used by UICC applications.
  • Minimize UICC-specific developments on the terminals; reuse what is already available on terminals rather than forcing specific developments.
  • Facilitate connectivity of the UICC with standard network elements such as remote servers etc.
The present document focuses on the establishment and configuration of a generic IP connection between the UICC and terminal, without addressing specific applications that may use this connection capability.

The Internet Protocol connectivity defined in the present document may be used by applications such as the OMA Smartcard Web Server.


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