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4.10   API for applications registered to a Smart Card Web Server
4.11   Specific UICC environmental conditions   PDF-p. 36
4.12   Introduction of high density memory technology in UICC
4.13   Power supply indication mechanism      Up
4.14   Internet Connectivity up to UICC applications   PDF-p. 40
4.15   Contactless UICC services   PDF-p. 42
4.15.1   Abstract (informative)
4.15.2   Background (informative)      Up
4.15.3   Requirements   PDF-p. 51
4.15.4   Interaction with existing features (informative)   PDF-p. 56
4.16   Administration of the Smart Card Web Server
4.17   Confidential Application Services
4.18   UICC for Machine-to-Machine (M2M) applications
4.19   Location based services for broadcast technology

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