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TS 102 350 (ETSI SCP)
Smart Cards –
Identity Files and Procedures on a UICC – Stage 1

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(P) V7.0.0    2005-09    15 p.

There are a number of industry organizations producing authentication, privacy, and payment standards for the enterprise, mobile, financial, and services industries. For example the Liberty Alliance are creating specifications describing how a user's digital identity may be "federated", i.e. shared between (WEB) Service Providers and Identity Providers, to provide single sign-on and other services over mobile and wired networks in both online (connected) and offline (standalone) environments. Another example is that the Open Mobile Alliance has produced a set of requirements in order to create a single Identity Management enabler to be used by all OMA enablers.

The UICC platform is considered a candidate for a so-called Trusted Module for performing these identification, authentication, authorization and secure storage of personal data. Interoperability considerations require the standardization of the UICC/ME interface for the "identity" parameters on the card.

The present document is intended to collate the functional requirements from the Liberty Alliance and other "identity" forums that may have similar requirements.

The present document covers the client environment which typically includes an Identity User Agent (IdUA) and a secure hardware Trusted Module (TM).

Operation of the TM based on a UICC requires the use of existing standardized functions and applications on the UICC, as well as functions that are unique to the TM.

The present document focuses on the requirements for the TMUICC which has emerged from organizations such as Liberty Alliance and other relevant fora.


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