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A  (Normative)   Class and methods acronyms   PDF-p. 719
A.1   uicc.access package
A.2   uicc.toolkit package
A.3   uicc.system package   PDF-p. 726
A.4   uicc.access.fileadministration package
A.5   Acronyms for CAT Runtime Environment tests      Up
B  (Normative)   Global prepersonalization   PDF-p. 731
B.1   UICC file system server mandatory pre-personalization   PDF-p. 734
B.2   UICC file system server test default pre-personalization   PDF-p. 735
B.2.1   EF UICC (UICC Test EF)
B.2.2   EF ARR (UICC Test Access Rules EF)
B.2.3   DFTEST (UICC Access Tests DF)   PDF-p. 736
B.2.3.1   EF TNR (Transparent Never Read)      Up
B.2.3.2   EF TNU (Transparent Never Update)   PDF-p. 737
B.2.3.3   EF TARU (Transparent Always Read and Update)
B.2.3.4   EF CNR (Cyclic Never Read)
B.2.3.5   EF CNU (Cyclic Never Update)   PDF-p. 738
B.2.3.6   EF CNIC (Cyclic Never Increase)
B.2.3.7   EF CNDE (Cyclic Never Deactivate)   PDF-p. 739
B.2.3.8   EF CNAC (Cyclic Never Activate)
B.2.3.9   EF CARU (Cyclic Always Read and Update)   PDF-p. 740
B.2.3.10   EF LNR (Linear Fixed Never Read)
B.2.3.11   EF LNU (Linear Fixed Never Update)   PDF-p. 741      Up
B.2.3.12   EF LARU (Linear Fixed Always Read and Update)
B.2.3.13   EF CINA (Cyclic Increase Not Allowed)   PDF-p. 742
B.2.3.14   EF TRAC (Transparent Read Access Condition ADM 2)
B.2.3.15   EF TDAC (Transparent Deactivate Access Condition Application PIN 1)
B.2.3.16   EF CIAC (Cyclic Increase Access Condition ADM 2)   PDF-p. 743
B.2.3.17   EF CIAA (Cyclic Increase Access Condition ADM 1)
B.2.3.18   EF CNRA (Cyclic Never Activate)   PDF-p. 744
B.2.3.19   EF CUAC (Cyclic Update Access Condition Application PIN 1)
B.2.3.20   EF TAAC (Transparent Activate Access Condition Application PIN 1)   PDF-p. 745
B.2.3.21   EF LADA (Linear Fixed Activate Deactivate Access Condition ADM 2)      Up
B.2.3.22   EF TAAA (Transparent All Access Conditions ADM 1)
B.2.3.23   EF LRUA (Linear Fixed Read Update Access Condition Application PIN 1)   PDF-p. 746
B.2.3.24   EF LUPC (Linear Fixed Update Access Condition ADM 2)
B.2.3.25   EF NOSH (Not Shareable)
B.2.3.26   EF LSEA (Linear File for SearchRecord tests)   PDF-p. 747
B.2.3.27   EF CSEA (Cyclic File for SearchRecord tests)
B.2.3.28   EF TERM (Terminated)   PDF-p. 748
B.2.3.29   DF TERM (DF Terminated)
B.2.3.30   EF LARR1 (Linear Fixed on Access Rule Reference 1)
B.2.3.31   EF LARR2 (Linear Fixed on Access Rule Reference 2)   PDF-p. 749      Up
B.2.3.32   EF LARR3 (Linear Fixed on Access Rule Reference 3)
B.2.3.33   EF LARR4 (Linear Fixed on Access Rule Reference 4)
B.2.3.34   EF LARR5 (Linear Fixed on Access Rule Reference 5)   PDF-p. 750
B.2.3.35   EF TARR1 (Transparent on Access Rule Reference 1)
B.2.3.36   EF TARR2 (Transparent on Access Rule Reference 2)
B.2.3.37   EF TARR3 (Transparent on Access Rule Reference 3)   PDF-p. 751
B.2.3.38   EF TARR4 (Transparent on Access Rule Reference 4)
B.2.3.39   EF TARR5 (Transparent on Access Rule Reference 5)
B.2.3.40   EF CARR1 (Cyclic Access Rule Reference 1)   PDF-p. 752
B.2.3.41   EF CARR2 (Cyclic Access Rule Reference 2)      Up
B.2.3.42   EF CARR3 (Cyclic Access Rule Reference 3)
B.2.3.43   EF CARR4 (Cyclic Access Rule Reference 4)   PDF-p. 753
B.2.3.44   EF CARR5 (Cyclic Access Rule Reference 5)
B.2.3.45   EF NOSH2 (Not Shareable)
B.2.3.46   EF LTERM (Linear File Terminated)   PDF-p. 754
B.2.3.47   EF CTERM (Cyclic File Terminated)
B.2.4   DF SUB_TEST (Test DF under DF TEST)
B.2.5   DF ARR1 (DF Access Rule Reference 1)
B.2.6   DF ARR2 (DF Access Rule Reference 2)   PDF-p. 756
B.2.7   DF ARR3 (DF Access Rule Reference 3)
B.2.8   DF ARR4 (DF Access Rule Reference 4)   PDF-p. 757
B.2.9   DF ARR5 (DF Access Rule Reference 5)
B.3   First application dedicated files system ADF1   PDF-p. 758
B.4   Second application dedicated files system ADF2   PDF-p. 759
C  (Normative)   Test file description   PDF-p. 761
D  (Normative)   uicc.test.util package, Uicc interfaces and testing script example   PDF-p. 762      Up
E  (Normative)   Test Area files   PDF-p. 763
F   Bibliography   PDF-p. 764
G   Change history   PDF-p. 765

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