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TS 102 268 (ETSI SCP)
Smart Cards –
Test specification for the UICC API for Java Card™

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(P) V7.0.0    2015-04    766 p.
(P) V6.2.0    2015-04    766 p.

The present document covers the minimum characteristics considered necessary in order to provide compliance to TS 102 241.

It describes the technical characteristics and methods for testing the UICC API for Java Card™ (TS 102 241) implemented in a UICC Platform. It specifies the following parts:
  • test applicability;
  • test environment description;
  • tests format;
  • test area reference;
  • conformance requirements;
  • test area files;
  • test coverage;
  • test procedure;
  • a description of the associated testing tools that shall be used.

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1   Scope   p. 30
2   References
3   Definitions and abbreviations
4   Test environment   p. 33
5   Test plan   p. 38
5.1   Package uicc.access
5.1.1   Interface FileView   Method activateFile   Method deactivateFile      Up   Method increase   Method readBinary   p. 45      Up   Method readRecord   p. 47   Method searchRecord   p. 53      Up   Method select (byte sfi)   p. 66   Method select (short fid)   p. 68      Up   Method select(short fid, byte[] fcp, short fcpOffset, short fcpLength)   p. 70   Method status   p. 75      Up   Method updateBinary   p. 77   Method updateRecord   p. 80      Up
5.1.2   Interface UICCConstants   p. 87
5.1.3   Interface UICCSystem
5.1.4   Interface UICCException   p. 100      Up
5.1.5   Contexts
5.2   Package uicc.toolkit   p. 113
5.2.1   Interface EditHandler
5.2.2   Interface EnvelopeHandler   Method getItemIdentifier      Up   Method getLength   Method copy      Up   Method findTLV   p. 117   Method getValueLength   p. 119      Up   Method getValueByte   p. 120   Method copyValue   p. 121      Up   Method compareValue   p. 123   Method findAndCopyValue(byte tag, byte[] dstBuffer, short dstOffset)   p. 126      Up   Method findAndCopyValue(byte tag, byte occurrence, short valueOffset, byte[] dstBuffer, short dstOffset, short dstLength)   p. 128   Method findAndCompareValue(byte tag, byte[] compareBuffer, short compareOffset)   p. 131      Up   Method findAndCompareValue(byte tag, byte occurrence, short valueOffset, byte[] compareBuffer, short compareOffset, short compareLength)   p. 133   Method getCapacity   p. 137      Up   Method getChannelIdentifier   Method getChannelStatus   p. 140      Up   Method getValueShort   p. 142   Method getSize      Up   Method getTag

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