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TS 102 124 (ETSI SCP)
Smart Cards –
Transport Protocol for UICC based Applications – Stage 1

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(P) V6.1.0    2004-12    13 p.

The present document defines the stage one description of the Transport Protocol, CAT_TP, for CAT applications based on TS 102 223.

The Bearer Independent Protocol (BIP) as defined in TS 102 223 allows a CAT application on the UICC to establish a data channel with the terminal, and through the terminal either to a remote server in the network or to a remote device in the Personal Area Network (PAN). The Bearer Independent Protocol obviously inherits the properties of the bearer and the network protocols it uses and may stand on top of unreliable transport protocols (such as UDP).

The present document contains the core requirements for the CAT_TP between the card and a remote entity to ensure acknowledgement, segmentation/fragmentation, retransmission of messages, etc. The transport mechanisms specified are independent of applications and used bearers. Even if the current definition of the CAT_TP protocol is focused on the Bearer Independent Protocol, it does not prevent the CAT_TP to be used over future UICC-TE communication protocol.


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