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TS 101 220 (ETSI SCP)
Smart Cards – ETSI numbering system
for telecommunication application providers

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(P) V12.0.0    2013-10    36 p.
(P) V11.1.0    2012-09    35 p.
(P) V10.3.0    2011-05    35 p.
(P) V9.3.0    2010-10    23 p.
(P) V8.5.0    2010-04    23 p.
(P) V7.13.0    2010-04    21 p.
(P) V6.7.0    2006-05    18 p.
(P) V5.2.0    2006-05    14 p.

3GPP antecedent:  3GPP (CT6) TS 31.110    

The present document provides for the administration of shared name spaces in use by applications on the UICC including the managed allocation of identifiers from these name spaces.

1   Scope   p. 5
2   References
3   Definitions and abbreviations
4   Structure of the Application IDentifier (AID)   p. 8
5   Use of the Application IDentifier (AID)      Up
6   Toolkit Application Reference (TAR)   p. 10
7   Tag-Length-Value (TLV) data objects
8   UICC Java Card Services   p. 17
A  (normative)   Allocated ETSI PIX numbers   p. 18
B  (normative)   Coding of the PIX for GSM and TETRA applications   p. 19
C  (normative)   Coding of the PIX for SIM toolkit API packages   p. 20
D  (normative)   Allocated TAR values   p. 21
E  (normative)   Allocated 3GPP PIX numbers   p. 23
F  (normative)   Coding of the PIX for 3G UICC applications   p. 24
G  (normative)   Coding of the PIX for 3G USIM Toolkit Applications   p. 25
H   Tag allocation guidelines   p. 26
I  (normative)   Coding of the PIX for UICC toolkit API packages   p. 27
J  (normative)   Coding of the PIX for (U)SIM API for Java Card™ packages   p. 28      Up
K  (normative)   Coding of the PIX for ISIM API for Java Card™ package   p. 29
L  (normative)   Coding of the PIX for 3GPP Contact Manager API packages   p. 30
M  (normative)   Allocated 3GPP2 PIX numbers   p. 31
N   Bibliography   p. 32
O   Change history   p. 33