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RFC 5359's SIP Service examples

1.  Call Hold

2.  Consultation Hold

3.  Music On Hold

4.  Transfer: Unattended

5.  Transfer: Attended

6.  Transfer: Instant Messaging

7.  Call Forwarding Unconditional

8.  Call Forwarding Busy

9.  Call Forwarding No Answer

10.  3-Way Conference: 3rd Party is Added

11.  3-Way Conference: 3rd Party Joins

12.  Find-Me

13.  Call Management: Incoming Call Screening

14.  Call Management: Outgoing Call Screening

15.  Call Park

16.  Call Pickup

17.  Automatic Redial

18.  Click to Dial


In the representation of the call flows associated to these services:

In the context of these illustrations, mnemonics are used for To/From's tag parameter and Call-ID values, according to the following rules: