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SDP attributes defined in RFC 3108

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use of SDP for ATM Bearer Connections
ATM-bearer connection attributes, AAL attributes, Service attributes

Note:  ABNF definitions but not reproduced here

RFC 3108 – Section 5.6

Section 9

ATM bearer connection attributes
a=eecid:   (media-level)
a=aalType:   (media-level)
a=capability:   (media-level)
a=qosClass:   (media-level)
a=bcob:   (media-level)
a=stc:   (media-level)
a=upcc:   (media-level)
a=atmQOSparms:   (media-level)
a=atmTrfcDesc:   (media-level)
a=abrParms:   (media-level)
a=abrSetup:   (media-level)
a=bearerType:   (media-level)
a=lij:   (media-level)
a=anycast:   (media-level)
a=cache:   (media-level)
a=bearerSigIE:   (media-level)
ATM Adaptation Layer (AAL) attributes
a=aalApp:   (media-level)
a=cbrRate:   (media-level)
a=sbc:   (media-level)
a=clkrec:   (media-level)
a=fec:   (media-level)
a=prtfl:   (media-level)
a=structure:   (media-level)
a=cpsSDUsize:   (media-level)
a=aal2CPS:   (media-level)
a=aal2CPSSDUrate:   (media-level)
a=aal2sscs3661unassured:   (media-level)
a=aal2sscs3661assured:   (media-level)
a=aal2sscs3662:   (media-level)
a=aal5sscop:   (media-level)
Service attributes
a=atmmap:   (media-level)
a=silenceSupp:   (media-level)
a=ecan:   (media-level)
a=gc:   (media-level)
a=profileDesc:   (media-level)
a=vsel:   (media-level)
a=dsel:   (media-level)
a=fsel:   (media-level)
a=onewaySel:   (media-level)
a=codecconfig:   (media-level)
a=isup_usi:   (media-level)
a=uiLayer1_Prot:   (media-level)
Miscellaneous media attributes
a=chain:   (media-level)