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ABNF for SDP – Session Description Protocol

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SDP attributes defined in
RFC 4566 – SDP

RFC 4566Section 6

a=cat:<category>   (session-level)
a=keywds:<keywords>   (session-level)
a=tool:<name and version of tool>   (session-level)
a=ptime:<packet time>   (media-level)
a=maxptime:<maximum packet time>   (media-level)
a=rtpmap:<payload type> <encoding name>/<clock rate> [/<encoding parameters>]   (media-level)
a=recvonly   (session- or media-level)
a=sendrecv   (session- or media-level)
a=sendonly   (session- or media-level)
a=inactive   (session- or media-level)
a=orient:<orientation>   (media-level)
a=type:<conference type>   (session-level)
a=charset:<character set>   (session-level)
a=sdplang:<language tag>   (session- or media-level)
a=lang:<language tag>   (session- or media-level)
a=framerate:<frame rate>   (media-level)
a=quality:<quality>   (media-level)
a=fmtp:<format> <format specific parameters>   (media-level)

Note:  no ABNF definitions for theses attributes