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5GS – UE‑Triggered Service Request – 22 of 36
Signalling flow for TS 23.502 UE-Triggered Service Request: AMF to SMF: Nsmf_PDUSession_UpdateSMContext Request

Step 15, verbatim
[Conditional] AMF to SMF: Nsmf_PDUSession_UpdateSMContext Request (N2 SM information, RAT Type) per PDU Session to the SMF.
If the AMF received N2 SM information (one or multiple) in step 14, then the AMF shall forward the N2 SM information to the relevant SMF. If the UE Time Zone has changed compared to the last reported UE Time Zone then the AMF shall include the UE Time Zone IE in this message.
Procedure for unpausing a charging pause initiated earlier is specified in clause 4.3.x.