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5GS – General Registration – 17 of 24
Signalling flow for TS 23.502 General Register - PCF selection

Step 15, verbatim
If the AMF decides to initiate PCF communication, e.g. the AMF has not yet obtained Access and Mobility policy for the UE or if the Access and Mobility policy in the AMF are no longer valid, the AMF selects a PCF. In case the new AMF receives a PCF ID from the old AMF in step 5 and successfully contacts the PCF identified by the PCF ID, the AMF may select the (V-)PCF identified by the PCF ID. If the PCF identified by the PCF ID cannot be used (e.g. no response from the PCF) or there is no the PCF ID received from the old AMF in step 5, the AMF selects a PCF as described in TS 23.501 [2], clause