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5GS – General Registration – 10 of 24
Signalling flow for TS 23.502 General Register - Authentication/Security

Step 9a, verbatim
The AUSF shall execute authentication of the UE.
The authentication is performed as described in TS 33.501 [15], by Nudm_UEAuthenticate_Get operation. The AUSF discovers a UDM as described in TS 23.501 [2], clause 6.3.8. In case the AMF provided a SUCI to AUSF, the AUSF shall return the SUPI to AMF only after the authentication is successful.
If network slicing is used, the AMF decides if the Registration Request needs to be rerouted as described in clause, where the initial AMF refers to the AMF.
Step 9b, verbatim
The AMF shall initiate NAS security functions. The NAS security is performed as described in TS 33.501 [15].
Step 9c, verbatim
Upon completion of NAS security function setup, the AMF initiates NGAP procedure as specified in TS 38.413 [10]. This is to enable 5G-AN use it for securing procedures with the UE.
Step 9d, verbatim
The 5G-AN stores the security context and acknowledges to the AMF. The 5G-AN uses the security context to protect the messages exchanged with the UE as described in TS 33.501 [15].