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5GS – General Registration – 04 of 25
Signalling flow for TS 23.502 General Register: Registration Request received by AMF

Step 3, verbatim
(R)AN to new AMF: N2 message (N2 parameters, Registration Request (as described in step 1) and UE access selection and PDU session selection information, UE Context request).
When NG-RAN is used, the N2 parameters include the Selected PLMN ID, Location Information and Cell Identity related to the cell in which the UE is camping.
When NG-RAN is used, the N2 parameters also include the Establishment cause.
Mapping Of Requested NSSAI is provided only if available.
If the Registration type indicated by the UE is Periodic Registration Update, then steps 4 to 20 may be omitted.