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11   Application protocol   PDF-p. 108
11.1   General procedures   PDF-p. 110
11.2   SIM management procedures
11.3   CHV related procedures
11.4   GSM security related procedures
11.5   Subscription related procedures
11.6   SIM Application Toolkit related procedures
11.7   MExE related procedures
A  (Normative)   Void
B  (Normative)   Void
C   FDN/BDN Procedures   PDF-p. 130
D   Suggested contents of the EFs at pre-personalization   PDF-p. 135
E   SIM application Toolkit protocol diagrams   PDF-p. 138      Up
F   Examples of coding of LSA Descriptor files for SoLSA   PDF-p. 145
G  (Normative)   Image Coding Schemes   PDF-p. 146
H  (Normative)   Coding of EFs for NAM and GSM-AMPS Operational Parameters   PDF-p. 149
H.1   Elementary File Definitions and Contents
H.2   Authentication Functionality   PDF-p. 160
H.3   Authentication commands
I   EF changes via Data Download or SIM Toolkit applications   PDF-p. 165
J   Tags defined in the present document   PDF-p. 168
K   Example of MMS coding   PDF-p. 169
L   Change History   PDF-p. 171

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