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A1  (Normative)   Reference test methods   Word-p. 5921
A2   Void
A3   Protocol implementation information   Word-p. 5930
A3.1   Protocol Implementation Conformance Statement (PICS)
A3.2   Protocol Implementation Extra Information for Testing (PIXIT)   Word-p. 5932
A3.2.0   Introduction
A3.2.1   Basic characteristics
A3.2.2   Man machine interface
A3.2.3   Electrical Man Machine Interface (EMMI)
A3.2.4   Digital Audio Interface (DAI)
A3.2.5   Characteristics related to bearer services or teleservices   Word-p. 5938      Up
A3.2.6   International mobile station equipment identity
A3.2.7   Receiver intermediate frequencies
A3.2.8   Artificial ear
A4   Test SIM Parameters   Word-p. 5943
A4.1   Introduction
A4.2   Default Parameters for the test SIM
A4.3   Default settings for the Elementary Files (EFs)
A4.3.1   EFICCID (ICC Identification)   Word-p. 5944      Up
A4.3.2   EFLP (Language preference)
A4.3.3   EFIMSI (IMSI)
A4.3.4   EFKc (Ciphering key Kc)
A4.3.5   EFPLMNsel (PLMN selector)
A4.3.6   EFHPLMN (HPLMN search period)   Word-p. 5945
A4.3.7   EFACMmax (ACM maximum value)
A4.3.8   EFSST (SIM service table)
A4.3.9   EFACM (Accumulated call meter)   Word-p. 5946
A4.3.10   EFPUCT (Price per unit and currency table)
A4.3.11   EFCBMI (Cell broadcast Message Identifier Selection)      Up
A4.3.12   EFBCCH (Broadcast control channels)
A4.3.13   EFACC (Access control class)   Word-p. 5947
A4.3.14   EFFPLMN (Forbidden PLMNs)
A4.3.15   EFLOCI (Location information)
A4.3.16   EFAD (Administrative data)   Word-p. 5948
A4.3.17   EFPhase (Phase identification)
A4.3.18   EFADN (Abbreviated dialling numbers)
A4.3.19   EFFDN (Fixed dialling numbers)
A4.3.20   EFSMS (Short messages)
A4.3.21   EFCCP (Capability configuration parameters)      Up
A4.3.23   EFSMSP (Short message service parameters)
A4.3.24   EFSMSS (SMS status)
A4.3.25   EFEXT1 (Extension 1)   Word-p. 5949
A4.3.26   EFEXT2 (Extension 2)
A4.3.27   EFVGCS (Voice Group Call Service)
A4.3.28   EFVGCSS (Voice Group Call Service Status)   Word-p. 5950
A4.3.29   EFVBS (Voice Broadcast Service)
A4.3.30   EFVBSS (Voice Broadcast Service Status)   Word-p. 5951
A4.3.31   EFeMLPP (enhanced Multi Level Pre-emption and Priority)      Up
A4.3.32   EFAAeM (Automatic Answer for eMLPP Service)
A4.3.33   EFKcGPRS (GPRS Ciphering key KcGPRS)
A4.3.34   EFLOCIGPRS (GPRS location information)   Word-p. 5952
A4A   Test USIM Parameters   Word-p. 5953
A5   Test equipment   Word-p. 5954
A5.1   Introduction
A5.2   Standard test signals   Word-p. 5955      Up
A5.3   SS functional requirements
A5.4   SIM simulator functional requirements
A5.5   A-GPS and A-GNSS Minimum Performance Test System requirements      Up
A6   E-OTD Accuracy Measurement Test Environment   Word-p. 5975
A7   General rules for statistical testing   Word-p. 5980
A8   Void
A9  (Normative)   GAN certificate   Word-p. 5995
A10   Repeated SACCH Layer 1 Test Method:   Word-p. 5996
B   Change history   Word-p. 5999

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