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40   GPRS default conditions, message contents and macros   Word-p. 3365      Up
40.1   Default test conditions
40.1a   EC-GSM-IoT Default test conditions   Word-p. 3374
40.2   Default message contents   Word-p. 3375
40.2.1   System Information messages      Up
40.2.2   Packet System Information messages on PACCH   Word-p. 3387
40.2.3   Default contents of Layer 2 messages   Word-p. 3388
40.2.4   Default contents of Layer 3 messages   Word-p. 3391   ACTIVATE PDP CONTEXT ACCEPT message:   Word-p. 3392      Up   ACTIVATE PDP CONTEXT REJECT message:   ATTACH ACCEPT message:   ATTACH REJECT message:   AUTHENTICATION AND CIPHERING REJECT message:   AUTHENTICATION AND CIPHERING REQUEST message:   Word-p. 3393   CHANNEL RELEASE message:   DEACTIVATE PDP CONTEXT ACCEPT message:   DETACH ACCEPT message (for mobile terminated detach):   DETACH REQUEST message (mobile terminated detach):   GMM INFORMATION message:      Up   GMM STATUS message:   IDENTITY REQUEST message:   Word-p. 3394   IMMEDIATE ASSIGNMENT messages   IMMEDIATE ASSIGNMENT EXTENDED message:   IMMEDIATE ASSIGNMENT REJECT message:   Word-p. 3397   MODIFY PDP CONTEXT REQUEST message:   PAGING REQUEST TYPE 1 message:      Up   PAGING REQUEST TYPE 2 message:   Word-p. 3398   PAGING REQUEST TYPE 3 message:   PDCH ASSIGNMENT COMMAND message (downlink):   Word-p. 3399   REQUEST PDP CONTEXT ACTIVATION message (mobile originated detach):   ROUTING AREA UPDATE ACCEPT message:   Word-p. 3400   ROUTING AREA UPDATE REJECT message:   RR-CELL CHANGE ORDER message:   SM STATUS message:   DETACH ACCEPT message (for mobile orginated detach):   DTM Assignment Command   Word-p. 3401      Up   DTM Reject   Word-p. 3402   Packet Notification   Packet Assignment   Word-p. 3403   Assignment Command   Word-p. 3404   Handover Command   Physical Information   Connect Acknowledge   Word-p. 3405   Location Updating Accept   System Information Type 6   DTM Information   Word-p. 3406      Up   PS Handover
40.2a   EC-GSM-IoT Default message contents
40.3   Default GPRS Conditions and Message Contents for the Higher Layer Test Cases   Word-p. 3411
40.4   Macros
40.5   Test PDP contexts

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