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8c   Signalling procedures between RIM SAPs [R5]
8c.1   General
8c.2   RIM procedures
8c.2.1   General
8c.2.2   RAN Information Request procedure   PDF-p. 86
8c.2.3   RAN Information Send procedure
8c.2.3a   Autonomous RAN Information Send procedure [R14]   PDF-p. 91      Up
8c.2.4   RAN Information Application Error procedure   PDF-p. 94
8c.2.5   RAN Information Error procedure
8c.3   Abnormal conditions   PDF-p. 96
8c.4   RIM timers
8c.5   Action upon deletion of a cell in a BSS   PDF-p. 100
8c.6   Specific requirements related to RIM applications
8d   Signalling procedures between MBMS SAPs [R6]      Up
9   General Protocol Error Handling [R4]

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