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3.2.2   Signalling element coding   General [R6]      Up   Message Type   PDF-p. 141   Circuit Identity Code   PDF-p. 143   Connection Release Requested   PDF-p. 144   Resource Available   Cause   PDF-p. 145   IMSI   PDF-p. 147   TMSI   PDF-p. 148   Number Of MSs   Layer 3 Header Information   Encryption Information   PDF-p. 149      Up   Channel Type   Periodicity   PDF-p. 155   Extended Resource Indicator   PDF-p. 156   Total Resource Accessible   LSA Identifier   PDF-p. 157   LSA Identifier List   Cell Identifier   PDF-p. 158   Priority   PDF-p. 161   Classmark Information Type 2   Classmark Information Type 3   PDF-p. 162      Up   Interference Band To Be Used   RR Cause   LSA Information   PDF-p. 163   Layer 3 Information   DLCI   PDF-p. 164   Downlink DTX Flag   Cell Identifier List   Cell Identifier List Segment [R7]   PDF-p. 167   Cell Identifier List Segment for established cells [R7]   PDF-p. 170   Cell Identifier List Segment for cells to be established [R7]   PDF-p. 173      Up   Void   Cell Identifier List Segment for released cells - no user present [R7]   PDF-p. 174   Cell Identifier List Segment for not established cells - no establishment possible [R7]   Response Request   Resource Indication Method   PDF-p. 175   Classmark Information Type 1   Circuit Identity Code List   Diagnostics   PDF-p. 176   Chosen Channel   PDF-p. 177   Cipher Response Mode   PDF-p. 178   Layer 3 Message Contents      Up   Channel Needed   PDF-p. 179   Trace Type   TriggerID   Trace Reference   TransactionID   Mobile Identity   PDF-p. 180   OMCID   Forward Indicator   Chosen Encryption Algorithm   Circuit Pool   PDF-p. 181      Up   Circuit Pool List   PDF-p. 187   Time Indication   Resource Situation   Current Channel Type 1   PDF-p. 189   Queuing Indicator   PDF-p. 190   Speech Version   Assignment Requirement   Void   Talker Flag   PDF-p. 191   Group Call Reference   eMLPP Priority      Up   Configuration Evolution Indication   Old BSS to New BSS information   PDF-p. 192   Void   LCS QoS   PDF-p. 193   LSA Access Control Suppression   LCS Priority   Location Type   Location Estimate   PDF-p. 194   Positioning Data   LCS Cause   LCS Client Type      Up   APDU   PDF-p. 195   Network Element Identity   GPS Assistance Data   PDF-p. 196   Deciphering Keys   Return Error Request   Return Error Cause   Segmentation   PDF-p. 197   Service Handover   Source RNC to target RNC transparent information (UMTS)   PDF-p. 198   Source RNC to target RNC transparent information (cdma2000)      Up   GERAN Classmark [R5]   GERAN BSC Container [R5]   PDF-p. 199   New BSS to Old BSS Information [R5]   PDF-p. 200   Inter-System Information [R5]   PDF-p. 201   SNA Access Information [R5]   VSTK_RAND Information [R6]   PDF-p. 202   VSTK information [R6]   Paging Information [R6]   IMEI [R6]   PDF-p. 203   Velocity Estimate [R7]      Up   VGCS Feature Flags [R7]   Talker Priority [R7]   PDF-p. 204   Emergency Set Indication [R7]   PDF-p. 205   Talker Identity [R7]   SMS to VGCS [R7]   VGCS talker mode [R7]   PDF-p. 206   VGCS/VBS Cell Status [R7]   GANSS Assistance Data [R7]   PDF-p. 207   GANSS Positioning Data [R7]   GANSS Location Type [R7]      Up   Application Data [R8]   Data Identity [R8]   PDF-p. 208   Application Data Information [R8]   MSISDN [R8]   AoIP Transport Layer Address [R8]   Speech Codec List [R8]   PDF-p. 209   Speech Codec [R8]   PDF-p. 212   Call Identifier [R8]   PDF-p. 213   Call Identifier List [R8]   PDF-p. 214   A-Interface Selector for RESET [R8]      Up   Void   Kc128 [R9]   PDF-p. 215   CSG Identifier [R9]   Redirect Attempt Flag [R10]   Reroute Reject Cause [R10]   Send Sequence Number [R10]   PDF-p. 216   Reroute complete outcome [R10]   Global Call Reference [R10]   PDF-p. 217   LCLS-Configuration [R10]   LCLS-Connection-Status-Control [R10]   LCLS-Correlation-Not-Needed [R10]   PDF-p. 218      Up   LCLS-BSS-Status [R10]   LCLS-Break-Request [R10]   CSFB Indication [R10]   PDF-p. 219   CS to PS SRVCC [R11]   Source eNB to target eNB transparent information (E-UTRAN) [R11]   CS to PS SRVCC Indication [R11]   CN to MS transparent information [R11]   Selected PLMN ID [R11]   PDF-p. 220   Last used E-UTRAN PLMN ID [R11]   Old Location Area Identification [R13]      Up   Attach Indicator [R13]   Selected Operator [R13]   PDF-p. 221   PS Registered Operator [R13]   CS Registered Operator [R13]   Temporary logical link Identity (TLLI) [R14]   Multilateration Timing Advance [R14]   PDF-p. 222   MS Synchronization Accuracy [R14]   BTS Reception Accuracy Level [R14]   Random ID [R14]

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