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3.1.6   Internal Intra-Cell Handover Procedure
3.1.7   Internal Inter-Cell Handover Procedure   PDF-p. 51
3.1.8   Handover Candidate Enquiry
3.1.9   Release of Radio Resource And Terrestrial Resource
3.1.10   Paging
3.1.11   Trace Invocation
3.1.12   Flow Control   PDF-p. 56
3.1.13   Classmark Handling Procedures
3.1.14   Cipher Mode Control
3.1.15   General SCCP Abnormal Conditions
3.1.16   Initial MS message   PDF-p. 59
3.1.17   Queuing Indication      Up
3.1.18   Data Link Control SAPI not Equal to "0"
3.1.19   BSSMAP Error Handling   PDF-p. 61
3.1.20   Load Indication Procedure
3.1.21   Voice group call service and voice broadcast service call set-up and resource assignment
3.1.22   Voice group call service and voice broadcast service Assignment procedure
3.1.23   Void
3.1.24   Voice group call uplink control procedure - talker priority not supported by the network
3.1.24a   Voice group call uplink control procedure - talker priority supported by the network [R7]
3.1.24b   Talker Information [R7]      Up
3.1.24c   SMS to ongoing VGCS call all [R7]   PDF-p. 76
3.1.24d   Distributing application-specific data to ongoing VGCS call [R8]
3.1.25   PDSS1 flow control
3.1.26   Circuit re-selection procedure
3.1.27   LSA handling   PDF-p. 77
3.1.28   Location Acquisition
3.1.29   Connectionless Information Transfer procedure
3.1.30   Common ID   PDF-p. 80
3.1.31   VGCS/VBS Cell Re-established - no A-interface link sharing [R7]
3.1.32   Rerouting procedure in case of MOCN configuration for network sharing [R10]
3.1.32a   Rerouting procedure in case of GWCN configuration for network sharing [R13]
3.1.33   Local Call Local Switch [R10]
3.1.34   MS Registration Enquiry [R13]      Up

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