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V   LCS scenarios   PDF-p. 226
V.1   Introduction
V.2   TOA Type A LMU in a Co-Located Deployment
V.3   Discussion of TOA LMU RF Specification
V.4   Simulation results for TOA?LMU performance
V.5   Discussion of RIT measurement performance of TOA LMU   PDF-p. 236
V.6   Simulations Results for E-OTD LMUs and E-OTD Capable MSs   PDF-p. 237
V.7   BTS Frequency Source Stability, E-OTD reporting periods and E-OTD Location Accuracy   PDF-p. 242
VA   Evaluation of Positioning Measurement Systems   PDF-p. 244
VB   Simulations on Co-Existence of EDGE and GSM Modulated Signals [R5]   PDF-p. 255
W   Update of GPRS background information   PDF-p. 260

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