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R   Pico BTS RF Scenarios   PDF-p. 177
R.1   Introduction
R.2   Fixed parameters
R.3   Maximum BTS Output Power   PDF-p. 178      Up
R.4   BTS Receiver Sensitivity   PDF-p. 179
R.5   BTS Power Control Range
R.6   BTS Spectrum due to modulation and wideband noise
R.7   Spurious Emissions   PDF-p. 181
R.8   Radio Frequency Tolerance
R.9   Blocking Characteristics   PDF-p. 182      Up
R.10   pico- BTS AM suppression characteristics   PDF-p. 183
R.11   intermodulation
R.12   Pico BTS TI1.5 performance requirements      Up
R.13   timing and synchronisation   PDF-p. 188
S   CTS system scenarios   PDF-p. 191
S.1   Introduction
S.2   Transmitter characteristics
S.3   Receiver characteristics   PDF-p. 200
S.4   CTS-FP TI5 performance requirements
S.5   Conclusion   PDF-p. 206      Up
T   GSM400 system scenarios   PDF-p. 207
T.0   Introduction
T.1   Frequency bands and channel arrangement
T.2   System Scenario Calculations for GSM400 systems   PDF-p. 208
T.3   Worst Case Scenario Requirements   PDF-p. 210
T.4   Transmitter characteristics
T.5   Receiver characteristics
T.6   Receiver performance
U   850 MHz and 1 900 MHz Mixed-Mode Scenarios   PDF-p. 219

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