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5   Receiver characteristics
6   Transmitter/receiver performance
6.1a   MS conditions [R12]
6.1b   BTS conditions [R12]   PDF-p. 63
6.1   Nominal Error Rates (NER)   PDF-p. 65
6.2   Reference sensitivity level
6.3   Reference interference level   PDF-p. 76
6.4   Erroneous frame indication performance   PDF-p. 83
6.5   Random access and paging performance at high input levels   PDF-p. 84
6.6   Frequency hopping performance under interference conditions   PDF-p. 85
6.7   Incremental Redundancy Performance for EGPRS and EGPRS2 MS
A   Spectrum characteristics (spectrum due to the modulation)   PDF-p. 198
B  (Normative)   Transmitted power level versus time   PDF-p. 206
C  (Normative)   Propagation conditions   PDF-p. 212

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