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12   RLC/MAC block structure [R5]
12.1   RLC/MAC block structure
12.2   RLC/MAC block format conventions
12.3   Spare bits
12.4   GPRS RLC data blocks (PDTCH)      Up
12.5   RLC/MAC control blocks (PACCH)
12.6   EGPRS RLC data blocks and RLC/MAC headers (PDTCH)   PDF-p. 100
12.7   RLC/MAC block formats on FACCH, SACCH, SDCCH and CDCH   PDF-p. 101      Up
12.8   RLC/MAC block format on TCH (NT-RLC)
12.8a   RLC/MAC block for control message transfer on ADCH [R6]
12.8b   RLC/MAC blocks for URB data transfer on UDCH [R6]
12.9   Header fields   PDF-p. 107
13   Ciphering [R5]   PDF-p. 112
14   RLC suspension, stop and re-establishment procedures [R5]
A   Change History   PDF-p. 120      Up

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