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8   Definition of the LLC peer-to-peer protocol
8.1   General
8.2   Procedure for the use of the P/F bit   PDF-p. 43
8.3   TLLI assignment procedures
8.4   Procedures for unacknowledged information transfer
8.5   Procedures for establishment and release of ABM operation   PDF-p. 45
8.6   Procedures for information transfer in ABM operation
8.7   Re-establishment of ABM operation      Up
8.8   Exception condition reporting and recovery
8.9   List of LLC layer parameters
A  (Normative)   Ciphering   PDF-p. 62
B  (Normative)   Tunnelling of Messages (TOM)   PDF-p. 64
C   LLC layer states for peer-to-peer operation   PDF-p. 66
D   Change History   PDF-p. 68

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