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10   RLC/MAC block structure [R4]   PDF-p. 247
10.0a   RLC/MAC block structure
10.0b   RLC/MAC block format conventions
10.1   Spare bits
10.2   GPRS RLC data blocks   PDF-p. 251
10.3   RLC/MAC control blocks   PDF-p. 252
10.3a   EGPRS and EC-GSM-IoT RLC data blocks and RLC/MAC headers   PDF-p. 255
10.3a.0   General [R5]
10.3a.1   Downlink RLC data block   PDF-p. 257
10.3a.2   Uplink RLC data block   PDF-p. 259
10.3a.3   EGPRS and EC-GSM-IoT Downlink RLC/MAC header   PDF-p. 260
10.3a.4   EGPRS and EC-GSM-IoT Uplink RLC/MAC header   PDF-p. 267
10.3a.5   Piggy-backed Ack/Nack field (SSN-based) [R7]   PDF-p. 271
10.3a.6   Piggy-backed Ack/Nack field (Time-based) [R7]
10.4   Header fields   PDF-p. 272
10.4.1   Uplink state flag (USF) field
10.4.2   Retry (R) bit      Up
10.4.3   Stall indicator (SI) bit
10.4.4   Supplementary/Polling (S/P) Bit
10.4.4a   EGPRS Supplementary/Polling (ES/P) Field   PDF-p. 273
10.4.4b   Combined EGPRS Supplementary/Polling (CES/P) Field [R7]
10.4.4c   EC-GSM-IoT Supplementary/Polling (ECS/P) Field [R13]   PDF-p. 274
10.4.5   Relative Reserved Block Period (RRBP) field   PDF-p. 275
10.4.6   Countdown Value (CV) field
10.4.6a   Follow-On Indicator field (FOI) [R13]
10.4.7   Payload Type field   PDF-p. 285      Up
10.4.8   Final block indicator (FBI) bit
10.4.8a   Coding and Puncturing Scheme indicator field (CPS)   PDF-p. 286
10.4.8b   Split Block indicator field (SPB)   PDF-p. 298
10.4.9   TLLI Indicator (TI) bit
10.4.9a   Address Control (AC) bit
10.4.9b   Final Segment (FS) bit   PDF-p. 299
10.4.9c   Radio Transaction Identifier (RTI) field
10.4.9d   Direction (D) bit
10.4.9e   Final Segment extension (FSe) bit [R6]
10.4.9f   Reduced TLLI (rTLLI) [R13]      Up
10.4.9g   Reduced TLLI Indicator (RI) [R13]
10.4.10   Temporary Flow Identity (TFI) field   PDF-p. 300
10.4.10a   Power Reduction (PR) field
10.4.10b   Power Reduction extension (PRe) field [R13]   PDF-p. 301
10.4.11   Extension (E) Bit
10.4.12   Block Sequence Number (BSN) field
10.4.12a   Reduced Block Sequence Number (RBSN) bit   PDF-p. 302
10.4.12b   Reduced Block Sequence Number extension (RBSNe) field [R6]
10.4.13   More (M) bit   PDF-p. 303
10.4.14   Length Indicator (LI) field in GPRS TBF mode and DCCH TBF mode (Iu mode)      Up
10.4.14a   Length Indicator (LI) field in EGPRS TBF mode, EC TBF mode and TCH TBF mode (Iu mode)   PDF-p. 304
10.4.15   TLLI field   PDF-p. 307
10.4.16   RLC data field
10.4.17   Control message contents field
10.4.18   Resent Block Bit (RSB)
10.4.19   PFI Indicator (PI) bit
10.4.20   Packet Flow Identifier (PFI) field
10.4.21   PAN Indication (PANI) field [R7]
10.4.22   Beginning of Window (BOW) field [R7]   PDF-p. 308
10.4.23   Short Starting Sequence Number (ShortSSN) field [R7]      Up
10.4.24   Carrier ID (CI) field [R10]
10.4.25   TN/PDCH-pair field [R10]
10.4.26   DTR Blks [R10]
10.4.27   Selected PLMN Index field [R11]
10.4.28   Coverage Class field (CC) [R13]   PDF-p. 309
10.4.29   Downlink Coverage Class Estimate (DCCE) [R13]

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