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9   Radio Link Control (RLC) procedures in packet transfer mode [R4]
9.0   General [R5]
9.1   Procedures and parameters for peer-to-peer operation   PDF-p. 196
9.1.1   Send state variable V(S)   PDF-p. 197
9.1.1a   Control send state variable V(CS)
9.1.2   Acknowledge state variable V(A)      Up
9.1.3   Acknowledge state array V(B)   PDF-p. 198
9.1.4   Block sequence number BSN
9.1.4a   Reduced Block Sequence Number RBSN
9.1.4b   Reduced Block Sequence Number extension RBSNe [R6]   PDF-p. 202
9.1.5   Receive state variable V(R)
9.1.6   Receive window state variable V(Q)
9.1.7   Receive state array V(N)   PDF-p. 203      Up
9.1.8   Starting sequence number (SSN) and received block bitmap (RBB)
9.1.9   Window Size
9.1.10   Compression
9.1.11   Segmentation of upper layer PDUs into RLC data units   PDF-p. 219      Up
9.1.12   Re-assembly of upper layer PDUs from RLC data units   PDF-p. 220
9.1.12a   Segmentation of RLC/MAC control messages into RLC/MAC control blocks   PDF-p. 222
9.1.12b   Re-assembly of RLC/MAC control messages from RLC/MAC control blocks
9.1.13   Priority of upper layer PDUs   PDF-p. 223
9.1.14   Fast Ack/Nack Reporting [R7]
9.1.15   Time-based encoding of the Piggy-backed Ack/Nack field [R7]   PDF-p. 225
9.2   Operation during RLC/MAC control message transfer
9.3   Operation during RLC data block transfer   PDF-p. 227
9.3.0   General [R5]
9.3.1   Countdown procedure   PDF-p. 228
9.3.1a   Delayed release of downlink Temporary Block Flow   PDF-p. 230      Up
9.3.1b   Extended uplink TBF mode   PDF-p. 231
9.3.2   Acknowledged mode operation   PDF-p. 232
9.3.3   Unacknowledged mode operation   PDF-p. 241
9.3.4   Non-persistent mode operation [R6]   PDF-p. 244
9.4   Abnormal release cases      Up
9.5   Uplink TBF release in extended uplink TBF mode

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